Leadership and Teamwork that Works: It’s All About the People, People!

Kim Kerrigan

Kim Kerrigan is an unshakeable optimist, and her passion is adding value to others. She believes together we can achieve the Pinnacle of success, no matter what size or type of organization.

Described as “a caring and inspirational coach/leader with a rare ability to connect with differing personality styles”, Kim has devoted her life to help advance a vision of the world where leaders and teams work together to achieve a common goal while adding value to each other. Her positive energy and ability to uncover issues by asking the right questions allows her to provide the best solutions to drive Pinnacle performance.

Kim is an extremely capable leadership professional with more than 20 years of progressive human resources management in both public and private sectors. Kim has been involved in organizational turnarounds as a strategic partner, particularly from the perspective of the impact on people, and has a strong desire to help leaders, aspiring leaders and HR professionals attain the skills necessary to be successful and organizations reach their goals.

Kim is the Founder & CEO of Pinnacle People & Leadership Solutions. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Human Resources Management from Colorado Technical University and a Master of Business Administration and Leadership Degree from Post University. Kim is also a Maxwell Leadership Certified Team Member specializing in Leadership Development, Keynote Speaking, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, Group Coaching, Professional Development, DISC Training and DISC Consulting.

Kim has trained, coached and mentored thousands over the years and understands the value of personal development in becoming an effective leader. As a servant leader and advocate for continuing education, she has served on multiple boards of HR and Management non-profit organizations.

Let Pinnacle People & Leadership Solutions help you and your organization reach the Pinnacle of success!

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